Consumers cut back as confidence tumbles

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According to new figures from YouGov, 61% of Brits expect the UK economy to worsen this year, and many are already looking at cutting down on non-essentials like takeaway meals, gym memberships and coffee shop visits*.

More than two thirds (67%) of us have already started to save, or plan to start, of which three in five (61%) aren’t building their nest egg for any particular reason except to be prepared for the worst.

But while many hope this financial prudence helps protects them against uncertainty ahead, a third (33%) still anticipate they’ll be forced to spend more on everyday goods including utilities, transport and food and groceries.

Fortunately, that’s where our cashback card comes into its own, allowing ATL members to earn money back from whatever they do their weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, ASDA, M&S and others.

You can also use the card to budget more effectively – it’s a prepaid card which means your spending is limited by the amount you’ve loaded on it beforehand, so you’re unlikely to get carried away.

This could be a useful perk for people looking to curb their clothes and shoes expenditure as well. Plus, by using the card at partner retailers like Debenhams and TopShop, what you do buy will be offset slightly by the cashback accrued.

You can even use the card to cover travel. With 66% of Brits fearing holidays could get more expensive in the near future, it’s no surprise that a quarter of us (24%) are actively planning to reduce our travel spend in the next 12 months. Our partnerships with National Express and Intrepid Travel, then, could be just the “ticket”!

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