How much should I load on my prepaid card?

On average a cardholder loads £100 by Direct Debit on their prepaid card. This nets them £5 in cashback when they spend this amount at our participating retailers*.

Try our handy calculator to see how much you should be loading on your prepaid card and how much cashback you could earn.

Shopping Load Calculator

How much cashback do you want to earn on your shopping in a month?



How much do I need to load and spend on average at the partner retailers?*

So you need to load and spend at least load-amount at our partner retailers with your prepaid card to earn cashback-amount cashback. You’ll earn annual-cashback-amount in a year!

And if you load load-amount on your prepaid card by monthly Direct Debit, your cashback is automatically added to your prepaid card when it’s topped up!

Calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Excludes £2.95 monthly admin fee. *Based on average cashback amount of 5% from partner retailers.