Keeping your prepaid card safe

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We’ve all heard horror stories from work colleagues, friends, family members or in the news about card fraud and security breaches.

Here at RMT Prepaid Plus we take customer safety very seriously. However, there are a number of things cardholders can do themselves to help minimise the risk. From running regular antivirus checks on your computer to being extra cautious on unfamiliar websites, here are our top ten tips for keeping the card criminals at bay.

1) Security should start as soon as you receive your prepaid card. Sign it immediately and make sure you store your PIN in safe place, never keep it with your card. Even better, destroy the number after memorising.

2) You’ll have usercode and passcode to manage your account online. Keep these somewhere safe too.

3) Log into your account on a regular basis to monitor spending activity. Any unfamiliar activity should be reported immediately.

4) Online security is most customers’ biggest concern, and you’re right to be vigilant – especially when buying goods from an unfamiliar website. Check that it’s trustworthy by asking people you know for their opinion first. Perhaps they can suggest a suitable alternative? Or do a quick internet search of the company to see if it throws up any suspicious results.

5) Internet shopping using public WiFi, for example in a coffee shop or on the train, is not advisable. You can’t always guarantee the network is secure so best to hold off until you’re back home.

6) Even here, however, your card security can be breached by malware. To reduce the risk, run regular antivirus checks and never click on suspicious pop-ups or links.

7) Don’t provide personal or card information that you feel uneasy about giving. When buying something online, for example, you’ll never be asked for your PIN, which should only be required at cash machines and physical, point-of-sale terminals.

8) When you do enter your PIN in a cash machine or terminal, follow the standard security advice of shielding the keypad with your hand as you input the numbers to keep it secret.

9) Leave your prepaid card at home if you don’t intend to use it that day. When you are out and about, never leave your bag or wallet unattended and don’t let your card out of sight when making purchases in shops, restaurants, petrol stations or pubs.

10) Is your card nearing its expiry date? Keep an eye out for the replacement in the post and, if it doesn’t arrive, let us know immediately to make sure it hasn’t gone missing.

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