RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback Card

Introducing the RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card – the contactless plastic with added ‘fantastic’

Whether you shop online or in-store, you’ll get the most from your everyday shopping with the RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card. You’ll earn between 2.5% and 6% cashback at 70 major retailers°. Plus, the cashback is unlimited, so there’s no minimum or maximum spend requirement nor any restriction on how much cashback you can earn.

It’s not a credit or debit card – it’s a prepaid card. It works just like a pay-as-you-go card – you top it up with money and you can only spend what you’ve loaded to your prepaid card, so there’s less chance of getting carried away. It’s a handy budgeting tool.

No credit checks – just a small £2.95 monthly admin fee*.

Browse our range of retailers here:

To apply for your card, click ‘Get my card!’ then complete the short form (you’ll need your RMT membership number to hand). Then, make a top up and you’ll receive your card within 14 working days.

The RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card is managed by Sodexo Motivation Solutions U.K. Limited. Clicking “Get My Card” will take you to the Sodexo website to complete your application. RMT Prepaid Plus and Sodexo will share the personal information you provide in your application to administer your card. For more information please see our Privacy Policy and the prepaid card T&Cs.

°Range of brands, levels of discounts and cashback are subject to change. * There are no credit checks, but as part of the application process we may use you details to confirm your identity. There is a  monthly fee of £2.95. The first fee will be charged within 30 days of successful application.

How our card works

Welcome to the RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card! Feedback from our prepaid cardholders

Did you know? According to the Office for National Statistics, UK families on average spend over £8,900 a year on food, drinks, eating out and clothing (see source). Think how much you could earn in a year with 2.5 to 6% cashback at 70 major retailers!

To collect cashback with your RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card, all you have to do is shop at one of our many retailers and restaurants with your card. The cashback that you can earn is unlimited. Using your card at partner retailers will also help cover the £2.95 monthly admin fee. The cashback you earn is added to your RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card each time you top it up.


Did you know that the RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card is a great way to manage your money and save on your everyday shopping? Use our cashback calculator below to estimate how much you’re likely to spend by category and get an idea of your average overall monthly outgoings. At the same time you’ll discover how much cash you could be earning back.

Move sliders below ◄ left or right ► to select your monthly average spend and see how much you can save with this handy card. Please note that the below calculations exclude the monthly admin fee and are based on spending at partner retailers.

Family Grocery Shopping:


Your earn:

Clothing, shoes and sportswear:


Your earn:

Restuarants, family days out, holidays and entertainment:


Your earn:

Toiletries and health:


Your earn:




The RMT Prepaid Plus Cashback card is accepted at 38 million outlets around the world; wherever you see the Visa logo (please note you cannot used this card to obtain foreign currency or travellers cheques).


Easy to apply

Important information:

There are no credit checks as part of the application, but some identity checks will be made.  

There is a monthly admin fee of £2.95. The first fee will be charged within 30 days of successful application.