Don’t get caught out in the sales – we tell you how to get the best deals

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It’s almost upon us again – the pre-Christmas savings scramble which sees shops slash prices and consumers competing for the best bargains!

To some, it unsurprisingly sounds like a horror movie – Nightmare on High Street – but savvy shoppers can easily avoid the stress, strained tempers and the long queues at the till by following our five tips for getting the best deal from the sales:

1) Do your homework

Doing some research before making a purchase is key if you want to get the best bargains – it will save you some time in the process. And we don’t just mean checking up on product reviews so you know which brand/model to splurge on – it’s worth finding out if the product will actually be offered in the sale first. You can do this by visiting each of the retailers’ websites and signing up for email newsletters, which should advertise deals at least two weeks before the big day. It’s also worth bookmarking webpages on the products you would like to buy beforehand which is a great way to prioritise what you’re after and ensure you don’t waste precious minutes scrolling through websites when the deals go live.

2) Check hidden costs and delivery times

Looking for free delivery options will maximise your savings. Hidden costs, like shipping, can eat into any discount.

But it’s not just delivery costs that you need to be careful with. If the item you’re buying is a Christmas or birthday gift, or you need it urgently for other reasons, be sure to double-check the estimated shipping times before clicking ‘buy’.

3) Are you really making a saving?

Does a saving sound too good to be true? It just might be. Some retailers may increase the price of an item before a sales event to ensure the percentage discount they offer looks even more attractive. Know what a product is worth before you’re caught up buying something that actually isn’t really a bargain.

4) Be prepared, be prepaid

Our prepaid card customers stand to make even bigger savings by taking advantage of up to 6% cashback at over 50 partner retailers. Don’t forget to check out our extra special monthly cashback deals – our commitment to saving you money is a year-round affair and not just a Christmas one-off! If you don’t have a prepaid card, click here to get yours.

5) Price check in the shop

Hitting the high street sales to find the best deal? You can do a price check on your mobile phone while you’re out shopping. For example,’s website is a great way to find the cheapest price for an item with just one click.

Finally, don’t forget your consumer rights. Just because you bought your new fridge/freezer or smartphone in the sales, it doesn’t mean sacrificing your standard consumer rights. If your purchase is faulty, whether bought in store or online, you have 30 days to claim your money back*. After that month is up you still have some legal protection – although the retailer can now choose whether that’s in the form of a refund or repairing/replacing the item instead.

If your product isn’t broken but you want to take it back nonetheless, check the store’s returns policy, provided they have one. Many set time limits so make sure you’re aware of this when you buy to avoid being stuck with your unwanted goods. If you bought it on the internet, there’s more good news. Whether your item is faulty or not, you have 14 days from the time of delivery to return it and receive a full refund.

Happy shopping!


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